Pending Payments

Pending payments are those that have been scheduled, but have not yet been processed. This feature allows you to verify that the information submitted for payments is correct. Prior to processing, corrections can be made from the Pending Payments screen. You have the option to View, Edit or Delete pending payments. You can also display a different payment date range by changing the dates in the View Payments by Date field.

Access the Pending Payments screen by clicking the Pending Payments button. A list of payments scheduled within the next 30 calendar days is displayed. The information available for each pending transaction includes:

      Payee Nickname Identifies your nickname for the entity that will be receiving the payment. If no nickname was entered, the name of payee entered is displayed.

      Account Number Displays the last four digits of your account number with the payee. The "Xs" used for the preceding digits are an additional security measure.

      Payment Amount The dollar amount of the pending payment. The minimum amount is $1.00 and the maximum amount is $9999.00.

      Process Date The date the payment will be processed.

      Recurring or Single Identifies how often the payment is scheduled to occur.

      Status The status of the transaction will be pending. Once processed, the payment information is displayed on the Payment History screen with an updated status.

      Memo Text that will appear on paper-check payments. For electronic payments, the memo information will be displayed when viewing the payment details via Pending Payments or Payment History, but will not be transmitted to the payee.